A Message From Scott Crichton

After considerable thought, family discussion and prayer, I am pleased to announce that I am a candidate for the Louisiana Supreme Court, District 2, which election will be held in the fall of 2014. The district covers 11 parishes.

A 1980 graduate of LSU Law School, I have now served as a lawyer, prosecutor and judge for more than three decades – 10 years as an assistant district attorney and civil practitioner and over 22 years as a district judge, where I have presided over more than 25,000 civil and criminal cases. I view the position of judge as a tremendous honor, and I have enjoyed my work immensely.

I have also worked hard to improve the judiciary and serve on the following committees:

  • Advisory Committee to the Supreme Court on Judicial Canons;
  • Louisiana Judicial College Board of Governors;
  • Court Rules Committee (Rules for Louisiana District Courts);
  • Criminal Best Practices Committee; and
  • Continuing Legal Education Committee of the Shreveport Bar Association (Co-Chair) and Louisiana State Bar Association.

I am Immediate Past President of the Louisiana District Judges Association (2011-2012) and have served on the Louisiana Supreme Court Committee on Judicial Ethics (2011-2012).

In addition to my judicial work, I have designed the following programs:

  • “Don’t Let This Be You”, a crime prevention/teen education program which I have personally presented to more than 20,000 high school students, teachers and parents;
  • “Sexting, Texting and Beyond” a program on the moral and legal consequences of electronic misbehavior, including cyberbullying and sexting, which I have presented to thousands of middle and high school students;
  • “No More Strikes”, a program for inmates in The Department of Corrections Reentry Program, the purpose of which is to educate inmates on the laws that impact their status as convicted felons, to change attitudes and, hopefully, reduce recidivism!
  • “Bullet Points on the Second Amendment: Guns, Permits and Self Protection” which provides adults information and insight on self defense and home protection.

After speaking to a number of people in our community, I am very encouraged by the enthusiastic response my candidacy has received. I believe that my integrity, work ethic and community involvement merits promotion to the Supreme Court.

You may contact me by e-mail at scott@scottforjustice.com, by phone at (318) 841-8000, or by mail at P.O. Box 3844, Shreveport, LA 71133. You are invited to visit me after work hours and on weekends at my campaign office located at 725 Southfield Road (behind Rhino Coffee). Of course, all of the above are paid for by campaign committee funds in accordance with law.

I ask for your support, your precious time and advice for the challenge that lies ahead, and I look forward to serving our communities and the State of Louisiana as your Supreme Court Justice.
Scott J. Crichton