Committee to elect Scott J. Crichton to the Louisiana Supreme Court


Carolyn Prator, Co-Chairperson
Susan Whitelaw, CPA, Treasurer

FEBRUARY 18, 2014

During the past 24 years of service as judge in Caddo Parish, Scott Crichton has been fully committed to the traditional Rule of Law as enacted by the state legislature with his rulings based on the evidence applied in a courteous, efficient and fair manner for the public safety and public good with a total commitment to honesty and fairness.

The Committee to Elect Scott J. Crichton is humbly inspired by, and thankful for, the support that Judge Crichton’s candidacy has received during the past year.

The Louisiana Supreme Court is our highest court in Louisiana and handles cases on a state-wide basis. As the February 18 Candidate’s Report shows, individuals, families, and businesses across a broad spectrum of Louisiana have contributed to Judge Crichton’s campaign.

This broad spectrum of support reflects the essence of Judge Crichton’s 24 years as a well respected district court judge and also reflects the essence of his campaign for Louisiana Supreme Court. Regardless of level of income, status of litigants or size of the case, Judge Crichton always prepares, listens attentively, works hard, knows the issues and applies the law with honest fairness as the evidence dictates without resorting to judicial activism. In criminal trials, he is also conservative as well as tough on crime while following the dictates of the law.

Reflecting the respect of people and business all across Louisiana for Judge Crichton, the report filed today shows contributions from individuals and families of various income levels and diverse backgrounds, small and large business owners, healthcare professionals and medical doctors, oil and gas related businesses, attorneys from the plaintiff and defense bar, CPAs, educators and community volunteers from all across the State of Louisiana.

We are indeed thankful and proud to serve as officers in the campaign.

Should there be any questions, you may contact the Campaign at (318) 841-8000 or by e-mail at

Carolyn Prator, Co-Chairperson
Susan Whitelaw, CPA, Treasurer