Judge Scott Crichton Hosts Big Fundraiser at 2Johns Steak & Seafood, Bossier City – By: Maggie Martin, The Times

Throw a $500-a-person political fundraiser at 2 Johns Steak & Seafood, Bossier City, and they will come. And some 300 VIPPs — Very Important Power Persons — did in late August for Caddo Dist. Judge Scott Crichton, who is running unopposed for Louisiana Supreme Court justice from 11-parish District 2. It was hosted by “Committee to Elect Judge Scott Crichton.”

“Everybody who is anybody is here,” said columnist Lou Burnett, a respected political observer as he studied the crowd.

You can bet they were schmoozing and working the high-powered crowd.

Among the A-listers eating, drinking — wine, cokes or water — and being merry: state Rep. Henry Burns, Shreveport City Councilmen Oliver Jenkins and Jeff Everson, Community Activist Lloyd Thompson, Alexis Scott, Merritt and Virginia Chastain, Lee Davis, Lee Roy Clemons Jr., Bossier-Webster District Judge Parker Self, Susie Stinson who is court administrator for the 26th Judicial Court, Markey Washington, and Bossier Assistant District Attorney Santi Parks.

More: Caddo Dist. Judges John Mosely and Ramon Lafitte, Bossier Assessor Bobby Edmiston, 2 John’s proprietor John Montelepre, Roy Fletcher, Eric Johnson, David Wyndon, Bossier City Court Judge Tommy Wilson, Craig Marcotte, Shreveport City Court Judges Sheva Sims and Bill Kelley, Don Otis and Crichton campaign managers, Crichton’s wife, Susie Crichton, Debbie Martin and Carolyn Prator.

Although he is unopposed, Crichton is campaigning as though he is, and in his talk he touched on protection of the 2nd Amendment, the importance of prayer in the country’s creed and his crime prevention teen education program.