Caddo District Court Judge Scott Crichton Reflects on His 24 Years on the Bench

He’s a very humble man…this Caddo District Court Judge Scott Crichton, who gives all the credit for his success to the Lord. Crichton is serving his final six year term (totaling 24 years) on the district court bench, that ends December 31st, 2014.

Judge Crichton recently sat in Studio 3A with Tom Pace at The Promise 90.7FM, for a retrospective look at his young life…his schooling…his career as an A.D.A., then finally as a judge.

A most-insightful interview with a very principled and community-minded man.

Tribute to the late Angelo Roppolo with Caddo District Judge Scott Crichton

Often referred to as “The Kingmaker” in political circles across Shreveport-Bossier and the state of Louisiana, the life of the late Angelo Roppolo, was celebrated with a tribute by Caddo District Court Judge Scott Crichton and “Talk of the Town” radio host Tom Pace,. on Wednesday, July 2nd, 2014.

Also the owner of AA Bonding in downtown Shreveport, Roppolo passed away at the age of 92, just two years ago on July 2nd, 2012.

One of Angelo’s dearest friends, Judge Crichton fondly remembered his life and times with Angelo: growing up, then in law school, as well as a Caddo Assistant District Attorney, and finally now in his role as a Caddo District Court judge for the past 24 years.

“The Tribute to Angelo Roppolo” on the Promise 90.7FM, also included an eight-minute exclusive audio interview by Pace with “The Kingmaker.” recorded back on January 14th, 2010.

A friend to all, and a mentor to many, Angelo was reported to say every morning: “Who can I help today?”

As is often quoted in Matthew 25:21: “Well done, my good and faithful servant…Come and share your Master’s Happiness.”

Rest in Peace Angelo. May you enjoy your eternal reward.

LABI Endorses Caddo District Court Judge Scott Crichton for LA. State Supreme Court Justice

The North PAC of the Louisiana Association of Business & Industry (LABI) recently endorsed Caddo District Court Judge Scott Crichton for the soon-to-be vacant seat for Louisiana State Supreme Court Justice.

On Monday. May 5th, 2014, LABI North PAC Chmn. Mike Wolff told “Talk of the Town” radio host Tom Pace the criteria they used to base their endorsement for Crichton.

LA. Sheriffs Endorse Judge Scott Crichton for District 2 Supreme Court Justice

The Louisiana Sheriffs’ and Deputies’ Political Action Committee held a press conference this Friday, April 11, 2014 to announce the official endorsement of Judge Scott Crichton for District 2, in the forthcoming Primary election on November 4, 2014. Louisiana Sheriffs’ Association’s Political Action Committee Chairman, West Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff Mike Cazes conducted the meeting at the Petroleum Club of Shreveport. The audio podcast of the event is by “Talk of the Town” Executive Editor, Tom Pace.

In issuing the endorsement, Sheriff Cazes said, “Judge Crichton’s record serving for 24 years as judge in Caddo parish, and his history of community service through his creation of relevant public safety education programs are testaments to his character and integrity, and his commitment to the principles of good law enforcement.”

Sheriff Cazes concluded, “The Louisiana Sheriffs’ Political Action Committee and the eleven sheriffs of District 2 are proud to endorse Judge Crichton for Supreme Court Justice.”

The Louisiana Sheriffs’ Association is a bipartisan organization, composed of Louisiana’s 64 sheriffs and nearly 14,000 deputy sheriffs, established to represent Louisiana’s chief law enforcement officers across the state. The Association’s purpose is to maintain the constitutional authority of the sheriff as chief law enforcement officer, ensure the delivery of first-rate services, and to sponsor legislation that promotes the administration of criminal justice.

Caddo Sheriff Honors National Crime Victims’ Rights Week April 6-12, 2014

Caddo Sheriff Steve Prator hosted a proclamation ceremony and awareness luncheon in honor of National Crime Victims’ Rights Week, this Monday, April 7th, 2014 at the Caddo Parish Sheriff’s Office Re-Entry Facility located at 1121 Forum Drive.

The event was attended by some 50 members of law enforcement, judicial, and medical professionals, who meet the challenges of crime and victims on a daily basis. A joint proclamation from Sheriff Prator & Mayor Glover was read.

Speakers included: Caddo Parish Sheriff Steve Prator; Moderator, Caddo Deputy, Vickie Johnson; Caddo D.A., Charles Rex Scot; Caddo District Court Judges Scott Crichton & Mike Pittman; U.S. Attorney Stephanie Finley; U.S. Marshal Henry Whitehorn; Steven Jackson from the Shreveport Mayor’s Office & Domestic Violence Survivors and Victims. 

Participants included: the Caddo Sheriff’s Office, Caddo District Attorney’s Office, Caddo Coroner’s Office, Shreveport City Mayor’s Office, Shreveport City Marshal’s Office, Shreveport Police Department, Shreveport Fire Department, Louisiana State Police, Louisiana Department of Justice, U.S. Marshal’s Office, U.S. Attorney’s Office, Greenwood Police Department, Blanchard Police Department, Vivian Police Department, and Oil City Police Department.

Sexting Dangers & Consequences Program to Benton Middle Students

In front of a packed audience of young teenagers in the cafeteria of Benton Middle School , Caddo District Court Judge Scott Crichton presented his public service program: “Sexting, Texting & Beyond” Wednesday morning, February 5th, 2014.

“Talk of the Town” radio host Tom Pace, recorded this podcast of the program.

Invited by Bossier School Superintendent D.A. Machen, Judge Crichton made the

presentation in response to a recent news conference held by Bossier Sheriff Julian Whittington, who was accompanied by Machen and several other law enforcement officials.

The fact that sending or receiving nude photos over the internet, and cyber-bullying has become a common-place problem across the U.S., Sheriff Whittington asked that their schools re-double their efforts to educate not only high school students, but middle school, as well as their parents.

Crichton outlined the various laws & consequences teens may suffer if caught “sexting.”

Listen to the Audio from this presentation:

Some Photos from the Presentation:

Serial Killer Nathaniel Code Lawsuit Against State of La. – June 18, 2013

Convicted Shreveport serial killer Nathaniel Code, awaiting execution in Angola State Prison for the past 23 years…recently filed a federal lawsuit citing inhumane conditions in prison, specially claiming it’s too hot inside Angola.

Former Caddo ADA Scott Crichton (who successfully prosecuted Code at the time) is now a Caddo District Court Judge, and appeared on the “Talk of the Town with Tom Pace” radio broadcast on The Promise 90.7FM.

2nd Amendment speech at North Shreveport Business Association – May 14, 2013

Caddo District Court Judge Scott Crichton was the Keynote Speaker at the North Shreveport Business Association meeting Tuesday, May 14th, 2013 at the NW Louisiana Technical College Campus in Shreveport, La.

Judge Crichton’s topic: “When is it legal to use deadly force?” Crichton was joined by Caddo Sheriff’s Officer Capt. Kenny Sanders who spoke on the various rights that gun owners’ have, as well as answering questions ranging from permits to own a gun…to concealed carry permits… as well as where and when are they honored.

The 45-minute presentation was well-received by some 100 business owners and guests attending.

Interview re: Hall of Fame Inductee Angelo Roppolo – January 30, 2013

On February 9, 2013 The Louisiana Political Museum hosted its 21st Annual Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony and Banquet in Winnfield, Louisiana. Angelo Roppolo was formally inducted and officially joined the many Hall of Fame members from 1993 to the present, including the Longs (Earl, Huey, Russell), James Carville, Murphy “Mike” Foster, Joe D. Waggoner, Foster Campbell, Chief Justice Kitty Kimball and over a hundred other honorees. A few days before this ceremony, January 30, 2013, Tom Pace devoted 30 minutes of his Talk of the Town radio broadcast (5:00-6:00 p.m.; 90.7 FM) to an interview about the iconic Angelo Roppolo and his legacy. Significantly, the broadcast includes an 8 minute interview which Tom conducted with Angelo in 2012, before his illness. The broadcast ultimately ends with a Luther Vandross song “Always and Forever”. Enjoy!

Judge Scott Crichton emceed Investiture Ceremony for new Federal Court Judge Beth Foote – September 18, 2010

On Friday September 10, 2010, Elizabeth Erny Foote was formally sworn in as United States Judge for the Western District/Shreveport Division. I was honored to serve as the master of ceremonies for the Investiture.

On September 18, I discussed this historical event with SuperTalk 1340 radio host, Tom Pace. We discussed the importance of the Federal judiciary, and the excellence and professionalism which Judge Foote will contribute to the federal bench. Click here to listen to my SuperTalk interview.

Don’t Let This Be You 2010 update on “Talk of the Town” with Tom Pace – September 17, 2010

On September 17, 2010 I was invited to SuperTalk 1340 to discuss my “Don’t Let This Be You” program, now in its 5th year.

In addition to the previous core topics of this PowerPoint crime prevention program of principal/accessory after the fact, possession/constructive possession, illegal and addictive drugs which usually spawns additional criminal activity, and paternity/child support issues, I have now included the new topics of this of sexting, cyberbullying, cyberstalking, and texting and cell phone use while driving, most of which were enacted summer 2010 by the Louisiana Legislature and became law on August 15, 2010.

Supreme Court Candidates to Replace Justice Stevens – April, 14, 2010

On April 14, 2010 this interview for SuperTalk was recorded inside Courtroom “B” of the Caddo Parish Courthouse. The subject of the retirement of United States Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens, who has served 35 years (appointed 1975 by Gerald Ford), is extremely noteworthy. (Click here to view his 4/9/10 announcement letter to President Obama). His replacement, soon to be nominated by President Barack Obama, is of the utmost importance. The 30 minute interview addresses Justice Stevens’ tenure and focuses on several leading potential nominees: Merrick B. Garland, judge on the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeal for the District of Columbia; Elena Kagan, U.S. solicitor general; and Diane P. Wood, judge on the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Chicago. Other possible nominees are discussed, including Sidney Thomas, Martha Minow, Eric Holder, Janet Napolitano, Duval Patrick – and even Hillary Clinton. Again, this interview was recorded 4/14/10 and aired on AM radio 4/17/10 before news of an additional contender, Ann Williams, who, like Diane Wood, is a judge on the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Chicago. Enjoy the podcast – and stay tuned! Scott Crichton 4/23/10

Guest Speaker at North Shreveport Business Association – January 12, 2010

On January 12, 2010, I was honored to be the guest speaker for the North Shreveport Business Association for their first luncheon meeting of the decade. My topic, Being Engaged and Vigilant in Our Community, included a brief background of me, my two community service programs – Don’t Let This Be You and No More Strikes – and the importance of all of us being engaged in our community. The presentation also addressed the constitutional rights and individual liberties which we enjoy as Americans with the concomitant responsibilities such as jury service and voting.

With regard to our right – and obligation – to vote, there is a list of 2010 upcoming elections which include the mayoral, city council, school board and congressional positions. The importance of being vigilant (assiduous, alert, watchful) as to our public office holders and the significance of being involved in elections and campaigns – all for the benefit of our democracy is emphasized (Of course, I point out that while judges should be watchful and alert as to such matters, we are prohibited from being “involved in elections and campaigns”, except our own!).

To review the written materials click here; to listen to the 45 minute speech, you can download and play. Enjoy!

Scott J. Crichton

Judge Scott Crichton – Talk of the Town with Tom Pace – May 10, 2008

Tom Pace welcomed Caddo District Judge Scott Crichton to his Talk of the Town” radio broadcast Saturday, May 10th, 2008, broadcast live on SuperTalk 1340, KRMD-AM.  Judge Crichton discussed the recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling again allowing lethal injection as one of the forms of capital punishment…

Crichton also talked about his new website:, that lets the public learn more about the judicial system; courtroom etiquette; how and when he sets his docket; what to expect when you’re called for jury duty; about the Judge – his biography; his community service progams; audio and video podcasts and interviews.

Talk of the Town – Don’t Let This Be You pt 2 – March 3, 2008

Caddo District Judge Scott Crichton speaks with Tom Pace during Part 2, broadcast on March 3rd, 2008  on “The Talk of the Town” about the success of his Teen Crime-Prevention Program, titled “Don’t Let This Be You.”

Judge Crichton, along with Caddo Sheriff Steve Prator, and Caddo Assistant District Attorney Ron Stamps present this crime prevention program, FREE of Charge, at the Caddo Correctional Center on a regular basis.

The Crime Awareness Program is designed for Teens 13 and older, to be accompanied by their parents. To register, call Andrea Samuel at the Caddo Sheriff’s Training Academy at 318-681-0735.

Talk of the Town – Don’t Let This Be You – March 3, 2008

Judge Scott Crichton speaks with Tom Pace on “The Talk of the Town” about the success of his
“Don’t Let This Be You” Teen Crime-Prevention Program… Crichton, along with Caddo Sheriff Steve Prator, and Caddo Ass’t District Attorney Ron Stamps present this crime prevention program, FREE of Charge, at the Caddo Correctional Center on a monthly basis, dates and times to be announced,

Nathaniel Code Opening Statement – September 1990

For 10 years Scott served as an assistant district attorney.  On his first day on the job in 1981 he successfully prosecuted a case in which the accused ran a stop sign; on his last day in 1990, after a 23 day trial, he argued to a Caddo jury that it should return a death sentence in State of Louisiana v. Nathaniel Code . The jury agreed and sent Code to Angola’s death row.

Judge Scott Crichton – Sentencing Raymond Darnell – January 26, 2007

Judge Scott Crichton Sentencing of Raymond Darnell 1-26-07 for Attempted 1st Degree Murder

Convicted by a jury of the attempted first degree murder of Shreveport Police Officer Freddie Clinton and the attempted second degree murder of ex-girlfriend Arlicia McDonald, defendant Raymond Darnell was sentenced to the maximum of 150 years at hard labor (100 years hard labor as a multiple offender on the attempted first degree murder and 50 years hard labor on the attempted second degree murder, to be served consecutively). To listen to the sentencing of this violet offender, who tried to kill a law enforcement officer in the valiant line of duty and to hear of the heroic efforts of fellow officer Josh Feliciano, who saved the lives of both Clinton and McDonald, click below…To read the opinion of the Second Circuit Court of Appeal see State of Louisiana v. Raymond Darnell, 43,048, (La. App. 2d Cir. 8/13/08), 988 So.2d 870.

As set forth by the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeal, the shooting in this case was the culmination of a history of domestic abuse against Arlicia McDonald by defendant that included rape, trespass and harassment charges. Approximately two and a half months prior to this incident, in a paternity action, defendant was found to be the father of Ms. McDonald’s son and ordered to pay child support. On the evening of May 17, 2006, defendant followed Ms. McDonald from her place of employment at Mall St. Vincent in Shreveport, Louisiana. Turning off Greenwood Road onto Broadway, Ms. McDonald pulled alongside Shreveport Patrol Officer Freddie Clinton who was stopped for a red light on Broadway. Ms. McDonald told the officer that she was being followed by someone in a lime green SUV and then she drove away. Officer Clinton heard a crash, looked back and saw that a green SUV had struck Ms. McDonald’s car. Officer Clinton made a U-turn, activated his emergency lights and sirens, radioed for assistance, and pursued. Officer Clinton witnessed the green SUV push Ms. McDonald’s car into a pole. Ms. McDonald’s car caught fire and she ran across the street to where Officer Clinton had stopped, shouting that defendant had a gun. Officer Clinton, who had exited his vehicle, testified that Ms. McDonald was hysterical and was “glued” to his body. Defendant walked to Ms. McDonald’s burning car. Defendant was armed with a .410 gauge single shot sawed-off shotgun. When defendant saw Ms. McDonald and Officer Clinton across the street, he pointed the shotgun directly at both of them and fired. Officer Clinton testified that he heard shotgun pellets go by his head. Officer Clinton returned fire while at the same time pulling Ms. McDonald around the rear of his police vehicle to take cover on the passenger side. Defendant reloaded his shotgun and moved to the driver’s side of Officer Clinton’s marked unit. A second police vehicle driven by Officer Josh Feliciano arrived and stopped behind Officer Clinton’s unit. The video from this second police vehicle showed that the door on the driver’s side of Officer Clinton’s squad car was open and that defendant alternately pointed the weapon through the door and then over the hood of the police car attempting to get a clear shot. Officer Clinton returned fire with his pistol over the hood of his police car. Realizing that Officer Clinton had emptied his magazine, defendant ran around the front of the patrol unit and pointed his shotgun at both Officer Clinton and Ms. McDonald as they started to run away. Defendant shot at close range striking Ms. McDonald in the backside, rear upper thigh area. Ms. McDonald was only a step behind Officer Clinton at the moment defendant fired. Defendant then proceeded to hit Ms. McDonald in the head with his shotgun. Officer Feliciano fired several shots at defendant, one of which struck him in the chest and knocked him to the ground. At this point, defendant started screaming out his lawyer’s name. The subsequent police investigation located two spent shotgun casings, one in the street and one by Officer Clinton’s patrol unit. Investigators also retrieved two additional live shotgun shells from the street and three live shotgun shells from defendant’s SUV. Defendant initially pled not guilty and not guilty by reason of insanity, but after jury selection, changed his plea to not guilty. At the conclusion of a four-day trial, a jury found defendant guilty as charged on both counts: the jury voted 10 to 2 on the attempted first degree murder of a peace officer charge (count one) and was unanimous on the attempted second degree murder charge (count two).