Guest Speaker at North Shreveport Business Association – January 12, 2010

On January 12, 2010, I was honored to be the guest speaker for the North Shreveport Business Association for their first luncheon meeting of the decade. My topic, Being Engaged and Vigilant in Our Community, included a brief background of me, my two community service programs – Don’t Let This Be You and No More Strikes – and the importance of all of us being engaged in our community. The presentation also addressed the constitutional rights and individual liberties which we enjoy as Americans with the concomitant responsibilities such as jury service and voting.

With regard to our right – and obligation – to vote, there is a list of 2010 upcoming elections which include the mayoral, city council, school board and congressional positions. The importance of being vigilant (assiduous, alert, watchful) as to our public office holders and the significance of being involved in elections and campaigns – all for the benefit of our democracy is emphasized (Of course, I point out that while judges should be watchful and alert as to such matters, we are prohibited from being “involved in elections and campaigns”, except our own!).

To review the written materials click here; to listen to the 45 minute speech, you can download and play. Enjoy!

Scott J. Crichton